Now, more than ever, it makes sense to hire a College Consultant.

As we are all aware, these are unprecedented times. No one knows this better than our high school Juniors and Seniors. While they are better equipped than older generations to address things like distance learning, Zoom conferences and connecting socially via technology, they are being left in limbo while unanswered questions about their college future pile up.

How will I make a choice about college without being able to visit the campus?

Will college begin normally in the fall, with dorms and classrooms, or will my first college classes be online?

Will I have to pay the full college tuition even if I can’t live on campus and go to a classroom?

Which schools are not requiring the SAT and ACT next year?

How do I take those tests if a school I’m considering still does require them?

How will I make my application stand out if test scores aren’t required?

I’m a student athlete. What happens if I can’t make a campus visit?

Students are having trouble thinking about next week, let alone next year. The lack of clarity about what the future holds is not helping. Under normal circumstances, high school Juniors could seek the guidance of their academic advisor to discuss course selection, applications, essays and letters of recommendation. However, with schools closed, those resources are less accessible than before, leaving students with a void of information. Unfortunately, colleges themselves are scrambling to react to these unforeseen circumstances and are providing less information to admitted and prospective students than many would like.

So, where can families turn during this time of uncertainty? College consultants.

Information is changing daily. Professional college consultants are connected to a network of admissions officers and higher education professionals, enabling them to get answers to your questions. They have made countless campus tours and can provide insight to prospective students as to what distinguishes one school from another. College consultants work with families to find schools that are a great match for their student - academically, socially, geographically and financially. And consultants guide students in the creation of outstanding essays, activity lists and applications, all of which will be significantly more important in these days of test optional admissions.

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to hire a college consultant. Get answers to your questions. Find the right fit. Make good use of your time. Decrease your stress.

Bio: Sue Freeman is an Independent Educational Consultant in Ladera Ranch, CA. She is the owner and primary of Alma Matters Educational Consulting. Sue believes that which school you attend is not as important as what you accomplish there, and she seeks to find a perfect academic, social and financial fit for all her students.